A Letter to Potential Staff

Thank you for your interest in serving on staff with GFA World (GFA). We appreciate your desire to allow the Lord to use your life!

Step One - Learn More:

By God's grace, GFA World supports thousands of national missionaries in Asia. Through their faithful service, many are hearing about Jesus! To learn more about the mission and vision of GFA World, please spend some time viewing our website. Read and listen to the free resources on our site, and be sure to order your free copy of the life-changing book Revolution in World Missions, written by Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder and director of GFA World.

A Precious Calling:

The home office staff, working at the Australia office in Toowoomba, Queensland, serves as the administrative, financial, technical and communications link between these missionaries and their supporters around the world. It is a precious calling to work and pray here so that our overseas brothers and sisters can fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives there.

Can God Use Me?

To keep up with the explosive growth on the mission field, GFA is seeking additional dedicated home team staff. All the life and work skills you have gained in college, career and church involvement can be used by the Lord. Our approach is to find people who are eager to serve in whatever capacity is most needed and then to place them in positions where they can grow spiritually as well as contribute to the work of the ministry. Spouses are definitely part of the team and are asked to serve to the extent possible, given other family responsibilities.

Support Raising:

It is our goal to have each new staff member develop a team of people and churches that will stand with them through prayer and financial support so that their financial needs are provided for at no expense to the mission field. We provide training, materials and a mentor to walk with you through the support-raising process.

Count the Cost:

Serving with GFA is definitely a calling, not an occupation. The offering of your life for His use here could reap eternal benefits for millions of people in Asia who have not yet heard the hope that Jesus offers. Please be in prayer about this, count the cost, and as the Lord leads, please click here to fill out the initial application form. (Australian residents only. For positions in other countries, click here and contact the GFA office in your country.)

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you as you seek His perfect will for your life.

In Christ,
GFA Staff Recruiter

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