What You Can Do: Volunteer Opportunities

You can serve the Lord as a volunteer in your area by becoming either a Volunteer Representative or an Event Representative. Both are integral parts of the network and ways that you can live out your calling to see lives transformed.

Volunteer Representative

Actively seek out opportunities to share about the Lord's work in Asia.

Find opportunities to share.

Volunteer Representatives are asked to organize at least two sharing opportunities each quarter. Examples of opportunities are:

  • One-on-one sharing
  • Presenting to small groups or church fellowships
  • Organizing a booth at a local Christian event (i.e. concert, retreat, conference)
  • Participating in special campaigns for GFA

Receive support from experienced volunteer.

As a Volunteer Representative, you will be assigned to a Volunteer Coordinator, who may either be a GFA staff member or an experienced volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator will provide support and encouragement to help you find sharing opportunities, and you should be in contact at least once a month. You will also receive free support and training materials.

Event Representative

Share about the Lords' work in Asia at events in their area.

Find events in your area.

Most communities organize music festivals, missions conferences, homeschool conventions and other similar events. These are great opportunities to set up a GFA booth and tell people how to help reach the lost!

Event Representatives are encouraged to serve at a minimum of five events each year as well as participating in GFA's special campaigns, such as the Christmas Gift Catalog. GFA contacts volunteers to let them know about larger events, but Event Representatives will also find opportunities to set up GFA booths at smaller events.

Receive training and reseouces.

As an Event Representative, you will receive training materials to help you share effectively about GFA. There is no charge for these materials.

As well, a volunteer supervisor will be in contact with you to let you know about upcoming events in your area and help you find more chances to share.

How do you get started as an Event Representative?

  1. Before beginning the application process, it is best if you have already:
    • Read Revolution in World Missions (order a free copy here)
    • Personally supported the ministry of Gospel for Asia
    • Become actively involved in the local body of Christ
  2. Complete the initial Team GFA application.
  3. A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for the initial interview. After the interview process, he or she will walk you through the volunteer training. From then on, you will be in contact with your supervisor, who will help you as you seek personal opportunities to share about GFA at events.

To stand in the gap for the unreached with our brothers and sisters in Asia is such a privilege! By sharing at events about how the Lord is moving, you will impact lives and raise support for the Lord's work in Asia.


At each booth, you will be giving out copies of K.P. Yohannan's book Revolution in World Missions. Here are just some of the things people have said after receiving this book from volunteers.

I was given the book Revolution in World Missions at a missions conference. After reading that book, how could I not sponsor a child?!

—Julie B.

I just finished reading Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan, which I was given at a worship conference that my wife and I attended this year. I was challenged and inspired by the book and want to start supporting native missionaries to reach the unreached people for Jesus Christ.

—Tim C.

We were walking by your booth at a homeschool convention in Portland, OR. The volunteers offered my wife and I a book, Revolution in World Missions. We said no thank you, as my wife had just gotten one the week before. The volunteers continued to talk to us but I wasn't hearing anything... all I wanted to do was run away. Why? I was so overwhelmed by the love of Jesus for these people that it was taking all my energy not to burst out crying! The Holy Spirit was all over me! There was no doubt that I was to get involved and sponsor a missionary and perhaps a child. Jesus bless them!

—Mike W.