The Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh Region

Home to many holy sites for the area’s traditional religions, the Gorakhpur Region is located near the border of Nepal. Tourists from all over the world travel to visit the temples and historical landmarks that dot the area.

The region is also famous for delicate handwoven fabrics and beautiful terra-cotta pots. Several large factories employ these skilled and hardworking people to produce the vibrant merchandise.

Along with the creative industries, villagers work as farmers producing crops like wheat, rice, barley, sugarcane and corn. Livestock is a major business as well, with people raising cows, poultry, pigs and sheep to export as meat to other states.

The residents of this region are devoted to their ancient customs, and it is common to see villagers performing folk dances and singing traditional songs for special holidays and festivals. These forms of celebration are passed down from generation to generation.


The Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh Region

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